Bulut Karakaya


Working on an unannounced MMO, check back later for more info :)


Digit Game Studios

Star Trek Fleet Command

The galaxy is at your command! I was one of the lead programmers, worked on mostly the ship and base management and created the proof of concept for the VR ability!


Pera Games


Overfall is a fantasy role-playing game of rough diplomacy and tough action. Explore, negotiate, and fight your way across the high seas! You will lead two heroes on a journey across the high seas in search of their lost king.



Egg Fight

Join the battle and immerse yourself in the frantic, fast-paced, shell-shattering action with Egg Fight! Due to an experiment gone wrong, the eggs of various animals have evolved, and now they are battling among themselves for world domination. Pick your Egg, join the battle and prove your worth as the worlds strongest egg!


- Show your skill anywhere and anytime with single touch gameplay.

- Pick from 6 types of animals with over 20 eggs, each with their own super moves, unique artwork and voice acting.

- Compete with people all over the world via leaderboards with different categories.

- Sync and keep your progress with iCloud support.

- Fight local multiplayer matches and see who cracks first.

- Complete objectives to level up and unlock more powerful eggs.

- Your gameplay will be accompanied by the voice of Hidayet Can Özcan, frontman of the band called "80 Kalibre"!

- Enjoy the unique soundtrack with that techno-rock vibe!


Tart Games


Kixel is a pixel-perfect multiplayer soccer game. Best of all, Kixel is FREE-TO-PLAY! It is now on Facebook; hook up with friends and enter into the pixelated world of football! You can start playing by clicking here!



Gravi Jump!

My first prototype with Unity3d engine. On this small game your objective is to stay in the air as long as you can. Try gaining some speed before you hit a mountain! You can start playing by clicking here!


Gravi SurfACT

Gravi SurfACT opens up an entirely new way to attract vistors’ and customers’ attention in organizations and events, such as concerts, exhibitions, fairs. Gravi Interactive Floors uses the projection area on the floor as a display and the users’ body movements for interaction. Without the need of any remote control or external device and with its high playability, Gravi SurfACT succeeds to be the center of interest in any place it is installed.

The customizable infrastructure originating from Gravi’s unique technology accompanies the sensitive game controls and realistic graphics. With score based games such as Baloon Shoot, Penalty, Exploding Bricks, Air Hockey, Football and Billiards, your visitors can enjoy the joyful atmosphere you created for them. The difficulty levels are adjustable.


ETC Term Projects


The objective of the SurfaceScapes project is to create a proof-of-concept for playing tabletop role-playing games on the Microsoft Surface Table. We will be using Dungeons and Dragons as a basis for our prototype, with the option for future expansion to other role-playing games. SurfaceScapes will provide Game Masters and players with a set of features to enhance the combat and role-playing aspects of tabletop games. This will include the ability to interact with the digital environment using real objects such as miniatures and provide automated calculations and visual and audio feedback for actions performed by the player and non-player characters. We are taking traditional tabletop role-playing games to the next level, adding a new layer of immersive and intuitive gaming to the Microsoft Surface Table and assisting both GMs and players in enjoying exciting and engaging adventures.



“Sketch it up!” is a software for testing game ideas in minutes with no coding, during idea creating phase of game production. We started on a pre-existing software and turn it into a product with a team of six. We worked in scrum cycles of two weeks. My role was to totally rewrite the network system to make it much more optimized and safe; make the server realize disconnected clients and clear resources; add simple shadows to the objects; write undo, redo, record movement and loop movement functions. We use Panda3d engine with Python.

We have given a demo of this software in ICEC'09 in Paris. link


Building Virtual Worlds Projects

These following 5 projects are made in 2 week cycles with a team of 4 which changes every round.


In this experience the player uses head mounted display and magnetic sensors to enter the world of magical dragons. Player is bound to the dragon upon its birth. He trains and helps the dragon through events that changes the dragons life.


Blind Date

The audience uses remotes to help our main character ( me ) through a blind date! This round's theme was story telling



The player uses his shadow on the projection screen to play a virtual themed pinball game and defeats a wizard in the end! This round was only one and a half week long.


Mine Cart Adventure

The player rides a mine cart through a collapsing mine. The player experienced the world through a head mounted display and navigating around with a stick. This round was native user round. The game was designed to be played by people who have no experience in this kind of gaming.

We have show this world in the reception of ICEC'08 and also BVW Show ' 08


Steward's Snowboard Adventure

The player uses head mounted display and trackers for helping a snowman by throwing penguins at a dragon who wants to melt the snowman while sliding down from a mountain! This round theme was to help somebody who is afraid of another person.


Sabancı University Projects

Bird's Sight in VR

A virtual reality environment was created for experiencing the world through the eyes of a bird. The users arm motion is tracked by magnetic motion tracking equipment and thus enable him/her to fly over a city with only swinging arms. The user can see the world in 3D as human sight or in 2D with 300 degrees of sight to simulate bird sight. We worked with OpenGL and low level tracker drivers in C++.



We have designed and developed a 3d video game in a team of two as a part of our Computer Graphics course. We have implemented collision detection, simulated dynamics, multiplayer support over a network, artificial intelligence, 3D sound support, user interface as well as using phong shaders for smoother looking objects in the world. We have used Opengl API and GLUT and write the code in C++.


Non-CS Project


My first 3d animation. I used Maya 8.


Agent 262

My second 3d animation project. I worked with two other students on creation of this project. We used Maya 8.5


Disco Science

A music video we created for Visual Story class at ETC. I have done all the editing.


Independent Project


Bannerrunner is a tool I have developed to address the course registration problems in my undergrad university. The students have to spend hours in front of their pc's to enter the bannerweb to register to their courses. They have to click the enter button see if it is successful and if not use the back button in the browser and do the cycle again until they got in the system. This tool automates this process and adds more features. It has multiple threads running at the same time so it is much faster than any human being can ever be. And even if we got a login screen because of the heavy load on the server there is a chance that the user cannot login so BannerRunner logs in with the pre entered user id and password and if the login is unsuccessful continues on trying without notifying the user. If it is successful it plays a nice Mario song to notify the user that login was successful. But BannerRunners advantages don't finish once we login the site as it has buttons to navigate into the add drop course page which is a few pages deep from the main screen.

Currently I estimate it to be used by over couple thousand people every course registration period, and I have released more than 15 versions to address various bugs and feature request from the users. The latest version has an automated update function build in.

click here for the setup file of v3.1

click here for Facebook page.


Email: [email protected]