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GAME Projects

ustwo Games 2021-Current    

Desta: The Memories Between

Leading the charge on Desta: The Memories Between, I wrangled a dream team of three senior wizards and a junior mage of programming, blending epic storytelling with clever turn-based strategy. It wasn’t just another day at the office; it was our quest to redefine mobile gaming. Our adventure was decked with loot along the way, snagging the Best Mobile Game at the 2023 Develop:Star Awards, and didn't stop there—we also claimed the Best Mobile Game at the UKIE Video Game Awards 2024. Proof, if ever it was needed, that we're not just game makers; we're storytellers, boundary-pushers, and, occasionally, award collectors.

JAGEX 2018-2021

Contributed to an ARPG that really pushed the limits of what Unreal Engine can do, focusing on crafting some cool character abilities and the main character’s movement and attacks, making gameplay super immersive. Sadly, the project never saw the light of day, but it was a great ride exploring what could be done with combat mechanics in such an expansive universe.

Digit Game Studios

Star Trek
Fleet Command - 2018

As one of the lead programmers on this highly acclaimed strategy MMO, I had the privilege of steering the development of the game's core ship and base management systems, key components that drive the strategic depth and engaging gameplay experience. My role also allowed me to spearhead an innovative proof of concept for augmented reality (AR) functionality, pioneering new ways for players to interact with the Star Trek universe. 

The project was recognized with a Webby Award for 'Strategy/Simulation Game' and 'Technical Achievement'. 

Pera Games


Sailing the treacherous high seas in Overfall, I was both co-founder and the coding compass, navigating through diplomacy as rugged as the waves. Leading two heroes on a quest for their lost king, every decision weaves through a tapestry of quirky allies and perilous battles. With permadeath and a world that reshapes like the sea, each journey is uniquely thrilling.

Praised for blending Tolkien-esque lore with a 'Groundhog Day' twist, Overfall challenges players to unlock new realms of strategy. If there's a hiccup along the way, you can point your finger at me, the sole programmer behind the scenes. Here’s to the adventure, the jest, and navigating the ever-changing saga of Overfall!
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EGG FIGHT - 2014

Step into the arena of Egg Fight, where evolved eggs duel for supremacy following an experimental mishap. As the programmer and design contributor, I crafted a frantic world where players pick their egg and battle to be the ultimate egg warrior on mobile. Featuring single-touch gameplay, a roster of unique egg fighters, and global leaderboards, Egg Fight is a blend of strategy and chaos. Join the battle, unlock powerful eggs, and immerse yourself in its techno-rock soundtrack. Ready to prove you're the world's strongest egg?
Click to play.

Tart Games


Kixel brought to life a pixel-perfect multiplayer soccer experience, playable through the Unity Webplayer on Facebook. Despite its servers now being inactive, Kixel remains a testament to the innovative spirit of its creation. As a co-founder and the technical lead, my focus was on the intricacies of networking and the core gameplay mechanics, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for players. Our dedication to crafting a captivating soccer game showcases our passion for game development and community engagement.


Gravi SurfACT - 2011

Gravi SurfACT revolutionizes how organizations and events, including concerts, exhibitions, and fairs, captivate visitors and customers. By transforming the floor into an interactive display through projections, Gravi Interactive Floors respond to users' body movements for an immersive interaction experience.

Developed by a tight-knit team of four, my role was pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of the games, while my colleagues focused on the hardware and image processing aspects. Together, we crafted a novel attraction that merges physical activity with digital innovation.

Previous Projects

Independent Project - BannerRunner

BannerRunner is a tool I developed to tackle course registration problems during my undergrad. Students would spend hours in front of their browsers, manually attempting to log into the course registration site until the server would let them in. BannerRunner automates this process and can use several pages simultaneously to increase your chances of logging in. The best part? Once you log in, you'll be greeted by a classic Mario theme song playing from your modem speaker!!
(Or your normal speakers if you're not living in the '90s anymore.)

I wrote this program in 2007, and people are still using it, coming to this webpage to download it every year!
Hi there, Sabanci student :)

Click for setup file.

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Carnigie Mellon University - ETC Masters Projects (2008-2010) 


The SurfaceScapes project aims to showcase a proof-of-concept for playing tabletop role-playing games on the Microsoft Surface Table, using Dungeons and Dragons as the foundation for our prototype. This initiative is designed with the potential for future expansion to other role-playing games in mind.

SurfaceScapes is set to enrich the tabletop gaming experience for Game Masters and players alike, offering a suite of features that enhance both combat and role-playing elements. Key innovations include the interaction with the digital environment using tangible objects like miniatures, alongside automated calculations and dynamic visual and audio feedback for actions executed by players and NPCs. By elevating traditional tabletop role-playing games, we're introducing an unprecedented level of immersion and intuitiveness to the Microsoft Surface Table, making for more captivating and enjoyable adventures for GMs and players.

Click for project website.


“Sketch It Up!” is designed to rapidly test game ideas without any coding required during the idea creation phase of game production. Building on a pre-existing software, our team of six made significant improvements. My contribution involved rewriting the network system to optimize and secure it, in addition to implementing various user automation actions. For development, we utilized the Panda3D engine alongside Python.

This software was showcased at ICEC '09 in Paris, demonstrating its potential to streamline the initial stages of game design by making them more accessible and efficient.

Building Virtual Worlds Projects

These following 5 projects are made in 2 weeks each with a team of 4 which changes every round.


In this immersive experience, players don a head-mounted display and utilize magnetic sensors to step into a world inhabited by magical dragons. From the moment of its birth, the player forms a unique bond with a dragon. Together, they navigate through pivotal events that shape the dragon's destiny, training and guiding it through its life's journey.

Blind Date

In this interactive experience, the audience wields remotes to guide the main character (me) through the twists and turns of a blind date! The focus of this round was on storytelling, engaging participants in a unique narrative journey.


In this innovative game, players use their shadows on a projection screen to engage in a virtual pinball game with a thematic twist, culminating in a final showdown against a wizard! This entire project was brought to life in just one and a half weeks.

Mine Cart Adventure

In this thrilling game, players embark on a mine cart adventure through a collapsing mine, experiencing the world through a head-mounted display and navigating with a physical stick. Designed for newcomers to this type of gaming, it offers an accessible yet exhilarating experience.

This project was showcased at the reception of ICEC '08, inviting attendees to dive into its immersive gameplay firsthand.

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