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There and Back Again

In a room in İstanbul there lived a guy. Not a nasty, dirty, wet room, filled with the ends of open cables and a burned cable smell, nor yet a dry, bare, weird room with nothing in it to sit down other than servers or pizza to eat: it was Bulut’s home, and that means comfort.

He has been to many places from cold mountains of Sabancı University where he was trained with the sacred art of coding and practiced 3d arts; to wild plains of Pittsburgh where he had to fight against weather that could freeze a giant in seconds, with 59 fellow ETC'ers and gained mastery over game development.

He survived.

Returned only stronger. He conferred his mastery to his old companions in İstanbul for creating a clan only the bravest could utter it’s name without hiding in dark cellar.

When dark times draw breath he travel to Şırnak for military service. His keen understanding of advanced algorithms and human relations helped him to write basic programs and play tennis on free time.

This time he already had the gasp of the saying “What does not kill him makes him stronger.” so he packed some extra muscles when returning back. After wondering around a bit doing little errands here and there, he needed a real mission for real gain.

He joined the army of Tart for a conquest to change the world. Not much time had passed when he find himself and his trusted friends leading the march of the ball ( Later known as Kixel ). Several very talented people gathered with him to form the legendary party of Tart Games. They fought many battles, encountered many challanges and though their time has passed their most valued creation is still kicking.

Later he was introduced to another hero of the realm, Emre of the Gripati clan. They decided the world need to know the truth about the sloughter going under the shell and began telling the tale of Egg Fight.

And nowadays when he is not boarding the mountains he can be spotted leading the guild of Pera Games; where they are getting ready for the battle that will change the fate of Dys. Overfall is coming.

Great games can be made no matter where you are in this wide world after all! Thank goodness! said Bulut laughing, and handed him the tea-jar.

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